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Daily Chat Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:37 pm

Please take your time to read these rules.
If the staff finds out you have not been following them, punishment could be in order.
The severity of your consequence depends on what rule, and or how many times you broke it.
NOTE: all of these rules apply for pming/vming also.

O1. Swearing is not tolerated.

No cussing/swearing/cursing of any type are allowed on Daily Chat. This does including breaking the censor by putting a character/space in the word, or using other 'words' with the same meaning. As we have members of all age on this forum, you will not recieve a warning for breaking this rule- you will be infracted instead. NOTE: If you do not know what a word means, I would recommed looking it up first, or just not using the word at all. Who wants to be punished for something they didn't know about? ;]

O2. Pornography/Adult Content

is strictly against our rules. As mentioned earlier, we have members of all ages, therefore explicit/inappropriate material is not allowed on Daily Chat.

O3. Being rude to fellow members/staff

is also against the rules. If we see you bullying others on our forum, you will be warned. If you continue to be rude to members/staff, you could be infracted/banned.

O4. Multipule accounts are not allowed.

Each person is limited to only ONE account. If you make any excess accounts, they will be deleted, and you will be warned. If you continue to create more accounts, your IP address will be banned.

O5. Do not bribe/scam others.

Demanding reputation from others or bribing people to make you things is not permitted.

O6. Do not post personal information;;

yours or others. You may post your continent/country/state, but telling your city or street address is strictly against our rules; for the safety of you and other members. Also, please do not post your full name (first names are allowed though), or your age unless you're over 13 years old.

O7. Only use certain fonts.

Do not use the color white, or large fonts out of your signature.
NOTE: Please do not use this red color, or this blue color, as they are reserved for the use of staff only.

O8. Do not use flashy backgrounds on your profile

as this could cause serious health problems for some.

O9. Sharing passwords/going on others accounts is not permitted.

We do not want anyone getting hacked, therefore do not share your password with anyone. If anyone besides staff asks for your password, tell us immediately.

1O. No copying/claiming others creations as your own.

Not only is this rude, but it is likely to hurt the original owner's feelings. If you'd like to use someone's background/avatar/signature, please ask them before using it. If you are not granted permission, do NOT use the graphic under any circumstance.

11. Please get links approved by a staff member.

Only links from Daily Chat are not needed to be approved. We do not want any bad sites being exposed to others, therefore you HAVE to get them approved by a staff member, no matter how bad you want to share it with others.

12. Spamming is NOT tolerated.

Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, and we do not want any of this on our site, and I doubt you do either. This includes posts like these:
"LOLOLOL that's soooooooooooo funny!!!!"

13. Advertising is not allowed in places other than your signature.

This includes DragonCave eggs, shop links, references to other websites, etc.

14. Please follow all these rules, and report any posts that don't.

15. Please have fun, and try to make friends!



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