COPPA Law - Read!

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COPPA Law - Read!

Post by Lydia:) on Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:43 pm

COPPA stands for Childrens online Privacy Protection Act
All Websites Are Required to Follow COPPA Laws.

Here are the COPPA Law Rules. These are not just forum rules - they are Federal Law:

NO ONE under the ageof 13 can:
1. Tell or post their age ANYWHERE on the forum or chat
2. Tell or post their locations-cities towns etc (states are fine)
3. Tell or post their school name
4. Tell or post their real last name
5. Tell or post ANY form of personal information at all
6. Post pics or links to pictures of themselves on the forum or in chat
7. Post their age in their profile

If we catch you breaking these rules and you are under 13, we will edit it out. Depending on how many rules you break and how often they are broken, you will be punished appropriately. The staff here want you to stay safe and have fun. We must legally keep these rules in effect.
Thank you for understanding,

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